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The school should be advised by 9.00am on the first day of any absence, and a note of explanation should be sent when a pupil returns to school, so that the school can comply with the regulations with regard to attendance.

Discipline and Exclusions

Our discipline rests on the encouragement of respect and care for the feelings of other people and for property. We do not use physical punishment, but believe in firmly and positively encouraging good, caring behaviour and manners.

When disciplinary problems do arise, we involve parents, in the belief that an active home/school partnership helps to promote good behaviour from the pupils. Good discipline is the joint responsibility of pupils, their parents and each member of the community.

The school reserves the right to exclude a pupil after a lengthy consultation between the parents and the school.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We offer a variety of extra-curricular clubs including a ‘Booster Club' for our Year 5 and 6 pupils which complements their classroom learning and prepares them for the 11+ examination. All club fees are payable, in advance, on a termly basis.

Health Education

We are able to provide a co-ordinated approach to health education. Included in the many topics that the pupils study will be the relevant and appropriate information for the individual's stage of development. Pupils' questions will be answered honestly as and when they arise.

The police make regular visits to the school with programmes suited to the different age groups on topics of safety, law and order and drugs.


We believe that pupils benefit from learning to work on their own and each pupil will be given homework appropriate, both in content and quantity, for their age. We request that parents support their child in this important area.


Parents are asked to provide their child with a nutritious packed lunch which is eaten under supervision in the hall.


We have members of staff who are fully covered for administering prescribed medicines with written permission from the parent/guardian or carer. Prescribed medicines are those that have been issued by a doctor, e.g. antibiotics.

Parents of new pupils should advise the school on registering their child of any medical, physical or educational problems, in order that the school may make proper provision for the child and contact any appropriate welfare agencies where it is deemed to be necessary. Parents will, of course, be fully consulted by the school before any action is taken.

Mid-Morning Refreshments

Drinks are available to all pupils for a small charge each term. Parents are encouraged to send in a suitable piece of fruit to be eaten at morning break each day.

Pastoral Care and Progress

We hold a Parents Evening in the Spring Term each year when parents have an opportunity to view their children's work and discuss progress with the teachers. Notice of the date and a form to book your appointment is sent out in advance.  A full academic year report for each pupil is sent home in July. We encourage contact between parents and teachers, to discuss progress and any problems throughout the year, and we are always pleased to welcome parents into the school.

Personal Accident Insurance

The school operates a group scheme, on behalf of parents, which covers pupils twenty-four hours a day worldwide. This is separate from normal school insurances and is charged each term.

Personal Belongings

Pupils must not bring the following into school; expensive toys or clothes, mobile phones, cameras, computer games, etc., or dangerous items such as hair and deodorant sprays, nail varnish or jewellery. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss or breakage of such items, and must have a proper regard for the safety of young pupils who may use them inappropriately.

Physical Education

All pupils in the School have playground and team games during the week. In addition, Reception have Physical Education on Tuesday afternoons. Year 2 to Year 6 have Physical Education on Wednesday/Thursday.

Safety and Security

The grounds at the back of the school are fenced off and the gates are kept locked during school hours, when entry to the school can only be made using the intercom system at the front door. The side gate is opened at school arrival and departure times. We do ask carers to try, as far as possible, to confine their visits to the school to those hours when the gates are open, in order to keep disruption to classes to a minimum.

The Pre-school Class, Reception and Year 1 and Year 2 are supervised by teachers at the end of school each day until collected. In the interests of safety, please advise us if anyone other than the usual person(s) will be collecting your child.

SATS Results

Our latest SATS results are available under the Policies/Documentation page. 

School Uniform

The school uniform, in grey and yellow is available from:

Havering Schoolwear

160-162 Hornchurch Road

Hornchurch  RM11 1QH

Telephone 01708 767890

All articles of clothing must be clearly marked with the owner's name.

Special Educational Needs

Our policy aims to have regard to the DfE code of practice in which the identification and assessment of special educational needs means that we can provide a welcoming and appropriate learning opportunity for all pupils in our care. All pupils are included and integrated to the mainstream provision. Parents are involved, consulted and supported at all times. Provision is also made, when required, to cater for the needs of more able, gifted and talented pupils.

The Friends of Goodrington

The Friends of Goodrington has been established as a support group run by parents to assist relationships between staff and parents and exists for the benefit of all concerned. Meetings are held approximately once every half-term and then more frequently approaching a fund raising event.




Additional Information

The school, which was first opened in the 1930s, is situated at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac.

Additional Information

The hall is used by the Pre-school class, and for morning assemblies and plays.

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